What we do

Using technology to provide security in the real world

We provide solutions that help both companies and private owners protect the integrity and value of their products. We do this by delivering solutions that enable anyone to validate both authenticity and ownership of a product. Not just during the original sale but at any time in the lifetime of the item. This helps protect valuable brands from counterfeiting and allows for second-hand sales with virtually the same trust as if it was bought in the original store.


Mandat is inspired by the exponential growth in security solutions that underpin the modern IT-infrastructure. By introducing trust, these technologies have redefined what we are able to do online, from private messaging, to sales, to banking.


We believe that these advances should not only impact us online. By repurposing the tools, Mandat aims to introduce new levels of security, validation and trust to areas of our lives that have not yet benefited from the technologies in the way we think they should.